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5 Ways to Jazz Up Desserts With Nuts


Nuts and nutty desserts may be available year-round. Come holiday time, the crunchy halves, pieces, slivers. Bits take a starring role in sweets. Here are a few easy methods for adding roasty, toasty flavour with nuts:

1. Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts to pie fillings.

2. Sprinkle 1/2 cup chopped nuts over over-faced pies and tarts.

3. Switch out a plain piecrust for a nut-based crust.

4. Stir 1 cup chopped nuts into cake batters, quick bread batters. Cookie doughs.

5. Substitute ground nuts or nut flours for one-third of the flour called for in a recipe.

Looking for nutty inspiration? Try these dessert classics:

Chocolate-Almond Bûche de Noël

Mixed Nut Brittle

Cranberry-Pecan Pie

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