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Can You Follow a Vegetarian Diet and Get Enough Vitamin B12?

Though vegetables are broadly high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, meats are known to be protein-rich. However, vegetarian recipes that include sufficient pulses, nuts and milk will give you the required proteins you body needs to produce as much as the required 2,500 calories every day. These are amino acids that can't be synthesized by the body.

Milk is considered a complete food as it's high in proteins as well as fat, depending on the kind of milk. However, nutritionists vehemently dispute this .Food can be roughly classified into carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins. While non-vegetarian foods such as meats and dairy products are high in protein and fat, low in fiber and are poor sources of carbohydrates, vegetarian foods are rich in fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins. Minerals.

The answer is no .Both types of diet and recipes are equally healthy and nutritious. Vegetarians who consumes milk therefore need not worry about their calorific intake as a glass of milk every day will take care of that.

Vegetables Lack Vitamin B12

It all depends on mixing and matching the right foods to get the same balanced diet that both can give. But before we get down to that, let’s discuss what it means to be a vegetarian. Another point of debate is that that a vegetarian diet doesn't contain sufficient Vitamin B However, vegetarians haven't found to suffer from a Vitamin B deficit, neither does the body need it in more than trace quantities. Some also have decent fat and protein content as well.

Vegetarian versus Non- Vegetarian

The main basic difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians is the consumption – or lack f consumption – of eggs, fish, meat and poultry. Meats and dairy products are a good source of essential amino acids but no single vegetarian protein source is. Besides, just as there is a variety of vegetarian recipes in each type of cuisine, there are a variety of delicious dishes and bakes that contain milk as an essential ingredient.

There are literally thousands of delicious vegetarian recipes for the non-meat eater. So are non-vegetarian recipes or vegetarian recipes more nutritious? Apart from taste, the main difference between the two types of foods is in their nutritional content and value.

Wholesome Milk

Some vegetarians don't drink milk but many do. But a combination of various vegetarian products will still give you all the essential amino acids. Critics of vegetarian recipes claim that vegetables can't provide the number of calories that the body needs every day. Take essential amino acids. Instance. It seems the world has always been ranged into two camps – vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


Soups are an all time pet in various Indian homes. Not just they're filling but they're able to be in use earlier than any meal and at any time. Peas, tomato, corn. Sundry vegetables soups are easy to make and tasty too.

Tomato and garlic soup can be ended by cooking the tomatoes and crushed garlic plus bay trees and peppercorns for as regards 20minutes or dig the tomatoes are soft. Let the mixture cool more willingly than pureeing and straining it. Add salty to refinement and cause the anxious mixture to a boil. Serve hot. The unaffected modus operandi can be followed for carrot, peas and corn. To assemble sundry vegetable soup, cook all the vegetables, blend, strain, add salt and colorless pepper powder and you boast a well creation in the past you.

Fruit salads are steady new fun to eat exceptionally once a meal. Segmented oranges, Mix grapes, sliced bananas, slices of apple add a plummet of honey, a petite darling (just sooner than serving) and a insufficiently grated coconut. Mix perfectly beforehand serving. If you're unenthusiastic to add mix custard powder in cold milk, coconut. Boil plough it thickens. Fall the thicken paste on to fruit mixture and you gain delightful custard sooner than you.

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