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Considering Becoming A Vegetarian?

I've many friends in the past few years that have decided to become vegetarians. I saw friend after friend jump onto the bandwaggon that being a vegetarian had become. I’ll admit that I almost jumped on the waggon myself without giving the choice much thought.

After nearly two months of research and some pretty serious self-evaluation, I decided to become a vegetarian. There is no part of me that's against people deciding that being a vegetarian is right for them. My only frustration is that too often people make that choice without taking even a moment to think about the reasons why or the consequences that being a vegetarian will have on their lives.

Plant Based Diet

Get Health with a Plant Based Diet

What if one simple change could put you on a path to better health? And what if that change could even save you from obesity, heart disease and cancer? You have the power to transform your life by maintaining a plant based diet – no ifs about it.

While many omnivores feel that a meal without meat just doesn’t feel like a meal, the vegan and vegetarian plant based lifestyle is growing in popularity just the same – and with good reason. A plant based diet moves away from animal-based foods like meat, eggs and...

So, my advice to you is simple and probably obvious. You only have one life to live, one body to live in. A few short years in which to experience all of life that you can. So don't make the decision to become a vegetarian lightly or without thought. I'd hate to see anyone commit to such a decision out of ignorance and then deal with the consequences long afterward.

One of the best ways to make a good decision about becoming a vegetarian is to inform yourself. Talk to objective people who have decided both for and against choosing a vegetarian lifestyle for themselves. Go to your local library or to a health food store and find literature on the ins and outs of actual vegetarian living. Learn the reasons why people choose to become vegetarians and see if your reasons measure up. The internet is another amazing resource that can help you make a wise and informed decision for you, your health needs. Your lifestyle.

Know that if you do decide to become a vegetarian, it'll affect your life in many ways. Obviously, it'll affect the foods you choose to eat and prepare. Don’t forget, however, how it'll affect your ability to eat out at restaurants or to eat food that your friends and family prepare. Consider too, the costs of becoming a vegetarian. Depending on where you live and what kinds of foods are available, becoming a vegetarian can either save you or cost you a lot of money. So proceed with caution.

I've loved my experience of being a vegetarian. I felt like my reasons for changing my lifestyle were valid and I knew I could incorporate the things that being a vegetarian required quite easily into my lifestyle. You must make those same decisions for you.

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