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Roasting Veggies With Aluminum Foil Vs. Parchment

Should you line the pan with aluminium foil. Would it be healthier to switch to parchment paper?

Yes, when roasting vegetables, parchment paper is better than foil. Recent research in the International Journal of Electrochemical Science suggests that when we use aluminium foil during cooking, some aluminium leaches into food. Leaching increases with higher heat (roasting and broiling) and acidity (tomatoes, vinegar, vitamin C–rich produce).

Is aluminium leaching into food bad? Maybe. The average person consumes between 7 and 9 milligrams of aluminium each day through diet. The Food and Drug Administration considers such levels generally safe. The Alzheimer’s Association concludes that this normal exposure to aluminium isn't a significant risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the Centre for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances &. Disease Registry suggests that consuming higher levels of aluminium than average may be linked to nervous system, brain. Bone diseases. People who cook often with aluminium foil (and aluminium pots and pans) risk more exposure than normal to the metal. So, although some aluminium in the diet is inevitable, keep exposure minimal with simple changes such as switching to parchment paper over foil when roasting.

Parchment paper can tolerate temperatures up to 420°F. But note: don’t confuse parchment paper with waxed paper, which can’t withstand high temperatures and will smoke in the oven.

Tip: When roasting, choose oils with higher smoke points (such as canola, sunflower, safflower, grapeseed. Refined coconut oil) to avoid an “off” flavor.

Health-food junkie Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, is creator of the weekly e-newsletter Nutrition WOW.

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