Winter is for cosy bowl food. Winter also means an abundance of my favourite vegetable—squash. Beautiful, colourful, oddly shaped squash.

I like that it contains information about nutrition and how to obtain sufficient protein and the other essential nutrients usually ingested from the meat portion of the diet. It seems that 200g of peanuts has the same amount of protein as 170g of beef steak. 240g of red lentils are equivalent to two fat pork sausages.

If you're like me and enjoy eating fruit and vegetables when it's in season (rather than have it air-freighted from the other side of the world) there's an extensive list of what to look out for in the shops at the appropriate time of year.

The book begins with a look at The Essentials: mushrooms &. Herbs. Vegetables &. Fruit. Legumes, nuts, seeds &. Oils. Rice &. Grains. Dairy &. Eggs –. Giving out a little basic information to enhance your use of these foods. The rest of the book has recipes grouped into convenience: quick meals, snacks, baked…. Towards the back of the book is a nice little section on dressings and sauces along with a selection of menu ideas.

Sure, canned beans are fine most of the time. There's something entirely different about cooking beans from scratch. It takes time but almost no effort on your part. You can change the flavour based on what vegetables and spices you use (just remember, no salt until the end, because salt slows the cooking process). Try this tutorial from The Kitchn , which is full of great tips for how to cook and use beans.

Now that you know how to cook great beans, it's time to use them in some awesome veggie chilli. The aptly named Best Vegetarian Bean Chilli from Serious Eats is a great place to start (and even though it calls for canned beans, you can do better). This one is full of chile flavour and there's no fake meat in sight.



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