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Vegetarian Enchilada Recipe – Enchiladas Bandera!

Healthy vegetarian enchiladas with fresh avocado, homemade tomato salsa and queso cotija. Vegetarian enchiladas recipe…
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52 thoughts on “Vegetarian Enchilada Recipe – Enchiladas Bandera!

  1. hilah is cool as hell. it’s so good to see a white girl just being cool
    with a fellow mexican, no racial undertones of ‘othering’ the dude, just
    super rad… yeah, anyway, great stuff. good recipe. thanks for sharing.
    tons of love! subscribing to this channel. hope she has more veggie stuff

  2. I went vegan recently and I’m so glad to see this post somehow, in my feed,
    even though I unsubscribed, since I don’t want to be apart of any animals
    suffering anymore. Thank you for this recipe, I hope you will make more
    like this, without the egg of course!

  3. Laura, I made this recipe for my whole family (grandparents and cousins
    included) and they were over the moon about it! I wanted to show them that
    vegetarian cooking can be delicious, and this recipe certainly proved just
    that. I continue to be a huge fan, and I can’t wait to see which vegetarian
    recipes you create in the future!

  4. For all the vegans out there, the egg can be replaced with one tablespoon
    ground flaxseed OR ground chia seed with three tablespoons of water. Put
    the mixture in the fridge for about an hour until it gets nice and goopy
    like an egg! It binds things together quite well. Or you could probably
    even omit it altogether and maybe add a little extra bread crumbs, corn
    starch, or flour.

  5. Laura I have gotten away from meat and dairy .
    If you want to hold your veggie burgers together cut down on the bread
    crumbs maybe in half and add rolled oats . When they get wet they get
    sticky and will hold the burgers together when cooking or eating, hope this

  6. I added all the ingredients of the burger patties into MyFitnessPal, and it
    came out to 121 calories and 7g of protein per serving. I used the stuff in
    the database, so it may be off but not by much.

  7. Apparently people don’t know the difference of being a vegetarian and being
    a vegan. Vegetarian means you omit meats from your diet, vegan means you
    omit both meat and dairy… :|

  8. Jaclyn Barnes!

    1/4 Cup banana
    1/4 Cup Apple sauce
    1 part Chia seed to 3 parts water then mix together and let sit for about 2
    minutes 🙂 I got these idea’s from Lyn Ashby.
    Of course use Organic if you do for it is the best way!

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