vegetarian pot pie

For this New Years Eve Washington DC recipe, you will need a crock pot, a spoon, a whisk, a pair of tongs, a thermometer, a knife, a cutting board, a can opener, and a 2-cup measuring cup.  You will also need one pound of uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast, one cup of fresh raw carrots, one cup of cut up fresh raw potatoes, one cup of fresh uncooked peas, one cup of fresh uncooked green beans, one cup of fresh uncooked lima beans, one cup of cooked corn, a medium cut up onion, a stick of butter, one can each of cream of celery soup and cream of mushroom soup, two cans of milk, one can of water, a teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of pepper.  For the topping, you will need one cup of quick biscuit mix, ½ cup of milk, and 1 egg.

First, in the Crock pot, whisk together the soups and two cans of milk.  Next, stir in the can of water, the stick of butter, the salt and pepper, the carrots, the potatoes, the peas, the green beans, the lima beans, the corn, and the onion.  Once everything is all mixed up together, put the chicken breasts in; turn them over a few times so that they are covered in the washington d.c. new years eve soup/veggie mixture.  Cover the crock pot, and put it on medium for three hours or on high for two hours or until the chicken breasts are 160 degrees (fully cooked).

After the chicken breasts are cooked, let them cool on the cutting board for five minutes.  Then, cut the chicken into 1-inch pieces, and stir it back into the soup/veggie mixture.  Now, in the measuring cup, using the spoon, mix together the quick biscuit mix, the ½ cup of milk, and the egg; this is your topping that you will pour evenly over the soup/veggie/chicken mixture that is in the crock pot.  Put the cover back on the crock pot, and set it on high again for 30-45 minutes or until the topping mixture is cooked and lightly browned.  Serve the New Years Eve Washington DC Pot Pie immediately in serving-size bowls.  Leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to three days or frozen for up to three months.

vegetarian vegetable soup

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